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Child and Family Safety Training

In addition to providing CPR / AED and Emergency First Aid training and certification to children, we empower them to feel more confident and safe in their homes and the outside world​. We also provide programs that educate students to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding nutrition, fitness, smoking, drugs, alcohol, sleep and related health behaviors.

Kitchen & Fire Safety Program
  • ​Kitchen utensils and appliance safety tips
  • Safely preparing snacks and simple meals
  • Identifying and responding to different types of fires
  • Knowing how and when to call 911
  • Proper use and maintenance of a fire extinguisher

Home Alone Program
  • Creating a family safety plan
  • How to handle strangers at the door
  • What to do when the phone rings
  • Knowing how and when to call 911
  • Injury prevention skills

Internet Safety Program
  • ​Tips in browsing the internet safely
  • Handling pop-ups for personal &  computer safety   
  • Understanding opportunities & dangers of using social media & chat rooms
  • How to interact with individuals  organizations safely on the internet
  • Setting guidelines, watching for warning signals and knowing when to say "no"

Babysitting Training Program
  • ​​How to find a position & prepare for the interview
  • Creating household rules & emergency plan with parents
  • Responding apropriately to emergencies & illnesses including notifying parents & or 911
  • Basic CPR/AED & Emergency First Aid principles and training
  • Injury prevention sklls
  • Diaper changing & other hygeine issues

Life Balance Program
  • ​Importance of daily exercise, yoga and deep breathing to reduce and manage stress for kids and teens
  • Understanding the benefits of good nutrition & how to obtain it with emphasis on reading and understanding food lables
  • Building and maintaining strong communication and healthy relationships with family and friends
  • How to deal with peer pressure regarding engaging in harmful activities like smoking, alcohol, and drugs 


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