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CPR/AED and Emergency First Aid Training & Certification

Online or in-person classes in the workplace or community.

CPR Training for LIFE! offers American Heart Association, Amerian Red Cross or American Safety and Health Institute instruction and certification for CPR/AED & Emergency First Aid.  In addition, we offer Basic Life Support (BLS) for the healthcare provider, Bloodborne Pathogens, Active Shooter, Forklift and Scene Safety training as well.


  We are a leader in training and certifying adults and children to:

  • recognize a cardiac arrest and immediately react with confidence

  • properly administer CPR (compressions and rescue breathing)

  • understand and apply an AED (automated external diffibrilator) machine

  • calmly & effectively manage emergency first aid situations


All programs meet OSHA, AHA, ARC & ASHI guidelines and requirements.


We specialize in a training and certification style that offer programs for adults and children that are age-appropriate, build confidence and eliminate fear.  It is the mission of CPR Training for LIFE! to empower every individual with the necessary skills to potentially SAVE A LIFE!


​Our hands-on programs utilize state-of-the-art, digital manikins to demonstrate proper 2" compression depth and speed. Our interactive programs are tailor-made to suit your needs and are engaging, informative and fun.


In addition, through our qualified vendors, CPR Training for LIFE! can help you select and maintain your CPR/AED and emergency first aid equipment and supply needs at the most competitive price points. We can advise and assist you in keeping your safety programs and equipment compliant through our monthly and quarterly data management programs.



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