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Every 90 seconds, someone dies from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (a problem with the heart's electrical impulses causing it to stop pumping blood).  Each year, nearly 300,000 Americans suffer from sudden cardiac arrest and only 8% survive.  Using cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and an automatic external defibrillator (AED) machine on a victim until emergency personnel arrive can double or even triple the likelihood of survival!

While CPR helps deliver blood and oxygen to the brain, it is not adequate alone to restore the heart's rhythm without the immediate use of an AED machine. In fact, brain death can occur within 4-6 minutes without oxygen and the chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest diminishes by 10% for each minute that passes before the heart rythm is restored by an AED.

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen suddenly and without warning.  It is indiscriminate to age, race or gender.   The American Heart Association estmates that each year, 7,000,000 people will experience some sort of traumatic injury or accident that may require CPR which can include drowning, electric shock, choking and acute allergic reactions.

We train and certify individuals at your organization, school or in your community. Our interactive, hands-on, personal training programs are certified by the American Heart Association's HeartSaver Program and The American Red Cross, and are provided in an engaging, fun manner to maximize effectiveness.

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